To Whom Much Is Given - By Jerry Black

Much is required. Have you ever heard someone say they wish they had that problem? For 27 years now I have offered counsel in this area of family finances. Many clients have expressed how challenging it is to decide what is best for an adult child or grandchild beneficiary who does not make the best financial decisions.

Wishing You a Blessed Memorial Day!

Our offices will be closed in observance of Memorial Day on Monday, May 29th. We will reopen at 8:00 am on Tuesday, May 30th. We hope and pray each of you has a blessed Memorial Day - The Team at Legacy Planning Group.

They say timing is everything - By Jerry Black

Yet, when was the last time you can remember that everything happened exactly as you wanted or expected? It’s important to get to the departure gate on time. I learned that one time. I was on time for the flight departure but still they wouldn’t let me on the plane because they had finished boarding and closed the door. My timing was off.

Investing Isn't Just about Markets, Stocks and Bonds - By Branden Côté

The Catch-22 of Risk - By Peter Geckeler

The Catch-22 of Risk - By Peter Geckeler

Elizabeth (Ellie) Rose Cushman - by Legacy Planning Group

Dear Legacy Family and Friends,

Happy Easter

Dear Legacy Family and Friends,

As we enter into this precious time of year, we pray you and your families have a very blessed Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter!

The Resurrection

Masters and Money - By Peter Geckeler

The temperature is warming up. Cars are coated in yellow pollen. Yes, spring is here – and so is the Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia that just finished up last week. I love the game of golf (most of the time). I also love to watch golf. The sport can reveal much about a person - but can it teach us anything about our finances and investing?

Goal Attainment - By Jerry Black

How are you doing?? The year is already 25% plus done. Are you 25% plus or more toward attaining your goals?? This isn’t about goal setting. Presumably you’ve got them. I do and I routinely find myself looking in the mirror wondering if I have what it takes to attain them.

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